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Wyoming Registered Agent

1621 Central Avenue

Cheyenne WY 82001

Contact us at 1 (307) 637-5151

We are located in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.  You can find us at the 17th & Central Executive Suites office leasing business.  Your new Wyoming business address with us will surely impress.


See some common questions and answers below for instant satisfaction:

Q. What is the cost if agent service?  It is yearly?

A. Wyoming Registered Agent charges $99 a year for registered agent service in Wyoming.

Q. How much do you charge for mail forwarding from Wyoming to my address?

A. Nothing, it’s free!  We forward 20 envelopes a year for free via first class mail.

Q. Where is Wyoming Registered Agent located?

A. No tricky stuff here.  1621 Central Avenue, Cheyenne WY 82001 is our actual address.

Q. Are you registered with the BBB?

A. Yes.  We have an A+ rating and have been registered since 2005.

Q. When was Wyoming Registered Agent founded?

A. Wyoming Registered Agent began in 2003 under, Inc.

Q. Do you send compliance reminders?

A. Yes.  You will receive a notice to renew in the mail about a month in a half in advance.  You will also be emailed a few times.

Q. Will Wyoming Registered Agent file the annual report for me?

A. Yes.  Pay us the filing fee and we will take care of it at the state for you.

Q. Will you provide an Organizer for public record when filing?

A. Yes.  Our registered agent name will show up as Organizer or Incorporator online.

Q. What is the actual name of the registered agent?

A. Wyoming Registered Agent is the name of the agent.  We do not try to dupe you.

Q. Do you send bizarre advertisement emails?

A. No.  We wouldn’t dream of spamming our clients.

Q. How long does it take to file a new LLC or Corporation?

A. We aim to have in completed within 1 business day total!