Wyoming Articles of Incorporation

Wyoming articles of incorporation sample is shown below.  You can create your own Wyoming Articles of Incorporation or download a copy directly from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website.  When you order a Wyoming Corporation from Wyoming Registered Agent, we will prepare the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation for you.  Order a new Wyoming Corporation and receive the state fee of $100 for the filing paid, the first year of Wyoming agent service, principal office and mailing address use, incorporator signature and free mail forwarding from your new Wyoming address to your address anywhere in the world.


Profit Corporation Articles of Incorporation

1. Corporation name:

2. Name and physical address of its registered agent:
(The registered agent may be an individual resident in Wyoming, a domestic or foreign entity authorized to transact business in Wyoming, having a business office identical with such registered office. The registered agent must have a physical address in Wyoming. A Post Office Box or Drop Box is not acceptable. If the registered office includes a suite number, it must be included in the registered office address.)

3. Mailing address of the corporation:  Options Available from Wyoming RA LLC

4. Principal office address:  Address Use is Free at Wyoming RA LLC

5. Number and class of shares the corporation will have the authority to issue:  It can be from 1 to Unlimited

6. Incorporators (list names and addresses of each incorporator): Only 1 is Required

7. Execution (all incorporators must sign):  Only 1 is Required
Signature: _________________________________ Date:(mm/dd/yyyy)
Print Name:
Signature: _________________________________ Date:(mm/dd/yyyy)
Print Name:
Signature: _________________________________ Date:(mm/dd/yyyy)
Print Name:
Contact Person for the Corporation:
Daytime Phone Number:Optional
Email:  Optional




Articles Explained:

  1. The Wyoming corporation name.
  2. The registered agent’s Wyoming information.
  3. Mailing address of the corporation.
  4. Principal office of the corporation.
  5. Number, class and value of the shares of stock for the Wyoming Corporation.
  6. Wyoming Incorporator name.