Wyoming Corporation | $199 Total


1.  Place an order on our website through secured forms.

2.  Within 1 business day, we will draft the articles and file them online with the state.

3.  We send you the scans by email of the Articles of Incorporation and corporate resolutions within 1 business day.

4.  Next year you will need to renew with the state for a minimum of $50 and renew with Wyoming Registered Agent for $99.

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Wyoming Corporation FAQs

Q. How long does it take to file a new Wyoming Corporation?

A. The turn around time is about 1 business day.  We try to get it down lightning fast.

Q. What if mail comes to the Wyoming address?

A. We include 20 pieces of mail forwarding for free with registered agent service.

Q. Can I have common or preferred stock?

A. You can choose either or both.

Q. How much does the Corporation cost all together?

A. $199 is the total price.  $100 for the Wyoming Secretary of State and $99 to us.  It’s that simple.

Q. What is included with the Wyoming INC?

A. You will receive the filed articles, certificate, registered agent service and free mail forwarding.

Q. Who signs as the Incorporator of the Wyoming INC?

A. The Incorporator will show up as “Wyoming Registered Agent” if we file the Corporation.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of shares?

A. No.  You can have 1 to unlimited shares of stock for your Corporation.

Q. What is the renewal price for the WY Corp?

A. You will pay a $50 minimum fee to the Wyoming Secretary of State and $99 to Wyoming Registered Agent.

Q. Are Directors or Officers required to be listed with the WY Secretary of State like in Nevada?

A. No.  Your privacy is safe.

Q. Is there a requirement to list a Social Security Number?

A. No.  The state does not currently ask for this information.

Q. Can a non citizen own a Wyoming Corp?

A. Yes.  Anyone can own a Wyoming Corporation.


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