Wyoming LLC Name Search

Wyoming LLC Name Search: Check if a Wyoming LLC Name is Available

“Database Tips: Filing ID refers to the identification number assigned to the business entity by the Secretary of State’s Office. If you do not know your Filing ID, please search by the name of the business entity. The statement that a company is in “good standing” simply notifies the public that all paperwork or fees required to form or maintain registration has been filed with the Secretary of State and is current. “Good Standing” in no way implies endorsement of the business nor does it reflect on the quality of the products or services provided by the business.”

Enter a desired name into the search box and click the SEARCH button.  Search both “starts With” and “Contains” to rule out a name too similar already filed.

Choosing a Wyoming LLC name can be very tricky if you do not research what you need.  Do not order stationary, logo’s, advertisements and other items related to your new business without first securing your Wyoming LLC name.  You can save a lot of money and time by avoiding this mistake.  Even if you think a name is available, it may not be.  Your best bet is to contact the Wyoming Secretary of State business division.  An employee will tell if a name is truly available but they will also say that their advise is not binding to cover any mistakes.

Remember that a Wyoming Limited Liability Company can not have the same name of a corporation that is active or has been active within 2 years of dissolution.  A common mistake that people make is searching for a name such as American Map Education LLC and see no results for the Wyoming LLC name search.  This does not mean it is available.  Search again without the LLC at the end.  You may find a corporation called American Map Education.  As said before, calling the WY SOS will make things easier if there is any question whatsoever.