Wyoming Virtual Office

Wyoming virtual office is offered at three services to fulfill your Wyoming corporate office needs.  Wyoming virtual office services from 17th & Central Executive Suites charges a monthly rate for the three different levels or you can get two months free by paying for a full year of Wyoming virtual office.

The first level offered is the Wyoming Virtual Office Bronze Level.  The bronze level is the lowest priced package and offers mail forwarding only.  For either $29 a month or just $295 a year, you can the Wyoming corporate office address you need.  After placing your order, you will receive a unique never been used four digit suite number.  The suite number and Cheyenne, Wyoming street address will be ready for you to use the minute you purchase it.


How does Wyoming mail forwarding work?

After you give out your new Wyoming mail forwarding address to business contacts and other mailers, the mail is sent then arrives at the Wyoming corporate address.  The mail is sorted and the envelope face is scanned into your online account so you know what is on the way.  The mail is held and sent to you once a week.  You can provide any address in the United States for weekly Wyoming mail forwarding.  You will never have to pay a fee for postage.  Envelope postage is included in the price.  There is not an extra charge for simply mailing something for you Wyoming corporate office address.  If you get any boxes at your Wyoming virtual office address, you will only pay the shipping cost from either FedEx, UPS or the USPS.  If it costs $5 to send a package to you, you will only be charged $5.  There no ridiculous extra charges like a $15 handling charge, not here.  Mail is not opened and scanned in but you can call the mail support specialist and ask for assistance if you are expecting something like a google verification card or other pin numbers.  To order the Bronze Level Wyoming Virtual Office for your new Wyoming corporate address, click the order button below.

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The second level of Wyoming virtual office service is the Silver Level Wyoming Virtual Office.  For $49 a month or $495 a year, you will receive the Wyoming mail forwarding option plus Wyoming phone service.  Build your Wyoming corporate office business nexus with Wyoming mail forwarding and Wyoming phone service.

How does Wyoming phone service work?

Ordering Wyoming Virtual Office Silver Level will get you Wyoming mail forwarding and phone service.  You will be shipped a free VoIP phone.  You must have a high speed internet connection for the phone to work.  Use the phone anywhere you want.  Plug the phone into a high speed internet connection and a standard electric outlet.  The Wyoming business phone will boot up.  Make and receive calls just like a traditional land line.  When you place a call, your company name and (307) phone number will show up on caller ID.  When others call in, you will be able to see their ID as well.  Make unlimited phone calls from and to your Wyoming phone number anywhere in the United States and Canada.  The phone comes with voicemail, call forwarding and a Fax to Email number.  Give out your Wyoming fax number and when people send you a fax it will go to your email address for quick access.  You can not send faxes with the number, only receive them.  Fax machine?  Yep, some people even use VHS still!  To order the Silver Level Wyoming Virtual Office, click the order button below.

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The last level of Wyoming Virtual Office service is the Purple Level, just kidding….it’s the Gold Level!  You will get all the services from the Bronze and Silver options plus live operator service.  This enhanced Wyoming virtual office is sold for $79 a month or $795 a year.  When a business contact calls your new Wyoming phone number, they will be greeted by a friendly operator located here in the building.  Have your calls forwarded to another number, sent to a voicemail or have a message taken.  This final level of service will bring your Wyoming business nexus to the next level.  Click below to order this highest level of Wyoming virtual office service for your Wyoming corporate office address and Wyoming phone number.

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